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Global Glam: Styling Like the World's 10 Most Fashionable Global Celebrities on a Budget

While Hollywood may be a hub for style and stardom, let's venture beyond the American shores and discover the fashion secrets of the world's 10 most stylish non-American celebrities. These international fashion icons are known for their unique tastes and impeccable wardrobes.

By CineChatter Team 


We'll show you how to replicate their style on a budget without compromising on elegance.

Benedict Cumberbatch (United Kingdom)

Channel the British charm of Benedict Cumberbatch by opting for well-tailored suits, tweed jackets, and classic dress shoes that exude sophistication without draining your wallet.​



Dua Lipa (United Kingdom)

Emulate Dua Lipa's trendy London style with affordable streetwear pieces, oversized jackets, statement boots, and playful accessories that showcase your inner pop star.


Gong Li (China)

Capture Gong Li's timeless grace with elegant silk dresses, flowing gowns, and delicate jewelry that you can find at reasonable prices in many Asian-inspired boutiques.





Irina Shayk (Russia)

Mirror Irina Shayk's sultry Russian chic by investing in faux leather, bold faux fur coats, and knee-high boots, all available at budget-friendly stores.

BTS (South Korea)

Dress like the K-Pop sensations BTS by mixing and matching high-street fashion finds, oversized hoodies, and trendy sneakers to create your own global boy band style.


Ranveer Singh (India)

Channel Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh's eccentricity with vibrant prints, statement accessories, and unconventional clothing that you can source from local Indian markets and online stores.




Penélope Cruz (Spain)

Embrace Penélope Cruz's Mediterranean allure with flowing maxi dresses, espadrilles, and straw hats that embody the spirit of Spain's fashion culture.

Karl Lagerfeld (Germany)

Pay homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld's iconic style with monochromatic ensembles, high-collared shirts, and fingerless gloves that exude European sophistication.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (India)

Replicate Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Bollywood elegance with affordable ethnic wear, intricate jewelry, and graceful sarees that radiate Indian glamour.


Daniel Craig (United Kingdom)

Achieve Daniel Craig's James Bond suaveness by investing in classic tuxedos, well-fitted suits, and sleek accessories that elevate your debonair quotient.




As you explore the fashion realms of these global celebrities, remember that style knows no borders. You can curate a wardrobe that mirrors their flair without spending a fortune. Hunt for deals, scour thrift stores, and tap into the cultural influences that resonate with you most. Whether you're drawn to British elegance or Bollywood pizzazz, affordable fashion choices await, helping you achieve a stylish international look that's uniquely your own.

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Want to dress like her?

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