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Why Denise Richards Doesn't Want Sami Sheen to Get a Boob Job?

Denise Richards is opening up about why she doesn't want her daughter, Sami Sheen, to get a boob job. In a recent interview with Bustle, Richards said that she got breast implants when she was the same age as Sami is now (19), and she regrets it.

By CineChatter Team 


"I was made fun of as a teenager [because my boobs] were mosquito bites," Richards said. "I got them done at the same age Sami is wanting to get them done."

But Richards says that she didn't know how toxic breast implants can be when she was 19. She's now planning to have her implants removed.

"I didn't know how toxic [they are] when I was 19," Richards said. "I'm trying to talk her out of it because of that."

Richards also says that she doesn't want Sami to get a boob job because she's still growing and changing. She doesn't want her to make a permanent decision about her body before she's fully grown.

"I want her to wait until her body is fully developed before she makes any decisions about cosmetic surgery," Richards said. "I know she's beautiful and I don't want her to change herself because she feels insecure."

Richards' advice to Sami is to love herself for who she is, and not to feel pressured to change her body to meet society's standards of beauty.

"I want her to know that she's beautiful just the way she is," Richards said. "She doesn't need to change anything about herself to be loved."

Richards' story is an important reminder that plastic surgery is a big decision, and it's important to weigh the risks and benefits before making any decisions. It's also important to remember that you're beautiful just the way you are.

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